BSmart® is developed on the base of the KNX standard, a system conform to national, European and international standards.

KNX offers at the same time the reliability of a consolidated system, market leader for over twenty years, and the dynamic nature of a rapidly developing system, thanks to the contribution of manufacturers from different fields and to the constant widening of the supply in terms of products, functions and solutions.

Ten good reasons to choose KNX:

  • KNX is a worldwide standard

  • KNX is a system fully compliant with national, European and international standards

  • KNX is available with thousands of devices produced by over 300 manufacturers

  • KNX is open and interoperable

  • KNX is a key factor in order to achieve higher energy efficiency in buildings

  • KNX is a SELV system that reduces the electromagnetic fields in buildings

  • KNX is a consolidated system based on a technology established on the market for 20 years and constantly under development

  • KNX is suitable for both new construction and renovations

  • KNX is a safe investment, thanks to the opening and interoperability of the standard

  • KNX is a system designed, installed and commissioned by tens of thousands of skilled professionals


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